Client Network topology

Optionally, you can configure a network topology consisting of a private (non-routed) Grid Network and an open Client Network configured for all other connectivity.

When you configure the Client Network (optional), you establish the host IP address, subnet mask, and Gateway IP address for the eth2 interface for every grid node connecting to the Client Network.

Note: Optionally, you can configure high availability (HA) groups of Admin and Gateway Nodes for the Client Network. If HA groups are configured, the virtual IP addresses (VIPs) of the HA groups must be within the same subnet as the interface they are being attached to and must follow the same routing rules.

If a node has a Client Network configured, the default route for that node changes during StorageGRID installation. Specifically, the default route ceases to use the Grid Network gateway and instead uses the Client Network gateway.

In this example, the Client Network is used for traffic related to S3 and Swift client requests, and for administrative functions, while the Grid Network is dedicated to internal object management operations.

Grid Client Networks

Grid Client Networks IPs