Maintenance menu

The Maintenance menu allows you to perform maintenance tasks, network tasks, and system tasks.

Maintenance Menu and Page

Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance tasks include:
  • Expansion operations to add new storage volumes, grid nodes, and sites.
  • Decommission operations to remove unused grid nodes.
  • Recovery tasks that allow you to replace a failed node and restore data.


Network actions you can perform from the Maintenance menu include:
  • Configuring the subnets that are used on the Grid Network.
  • Editing information about DNS and NTP servers.


System operations you can perform from the Maintenance menu include:
  • Performing StorageGRID software updates, including software upgrades, hotfixes, and updates to the SANtricity OS software on selected appliances.
  • Reviewing details for the current StorageGRID license or uploading a new license.
  • Generating a Recovery Package.