Using SNMP monitoring

If you want to monitor StorageGRID using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), you can use the Grid Manager to configure the SNMP agent.

Each StorageGRID node runs an SNMP agent, or daemon, that provides a management information base (MIB). The StorageGRID MIB contains table and notification definitions for alerts and alarms. Each StorageGRID node also supports a subset of MIB-II objects.

Initially, SNMP is disabled on all nodes. When you configure the SNMP agent, all StorageGRID nodes receive the same configuration.

The StorageGRID SNMP agent supports all three versions of the SNMP protocol. The agent provides read-only MIB access for queries, and it can send two types of event-driven notifications to a management system:
Trap and inform notifications are sent in the following cases: