Prometheus metrics

The Prometheus service on Admin Nodes collects time series metrics from the services on all nodes.

The metrics collected by Prometheus are used in a number of places in the Grid Manager:
  • Nodes page: The graphs and charts on the tabs available from the Nodes page use the Grafana visualization tool to display the time-series metrics collected by Prometheus. Grafana displays time-series data in graph and chart formats, while Prometheus serves as the backend data source.
    Prometheus Graph
  • Alerts: Alerts are triggered at specific severity levels when alert rule conditions that use Prometheus metrics evaluate as true.
  • Grid Management API: You can use Prometheus metrics in custom alert rules or with external automation tools to monitor your StorageGRID system. A complete list of Prometheus metrics is available from the Grid Management API (Help > API Documentation > Metrics). While more than a thousand metrics are available, only a relatively small number are required to monitor the most critical StorageGRID operations.
    Note: Metrics that include _private_ in their names are intended for internal use only and are subject to change between StorageGRID releases without notice.
  • Support > Metrics and Support > Diagnostics pages: These pages, which are primarily intended for use by technical support, provide a number of tools and charts that use the values of Prometheus metrics.
    Note: Some features and menu items within the Metrics page are intentionally non-functional and are subject to change.