Deciding to use HTTPS or HTTP connections

When client connections are made using a Load Balancer endpoint, connections must be made using the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) that was specified for that endpoint. To use HTTP for client connections to Storage Nodes or to the CLB service on Gateway Nodes, you must enable its use.

By default, when client applications connect to Storage Nodes or the CLB service on Gateway Nodes, they must use encrypted HTTPS for all connections. Optionally, you can enable less-secure HTTP connections by selecting the Enable HTTP Connection grid option in the Grid Manager. For example, a client application might use HTTP when testing the connection to a Storage Node in a non-production environment.

Attention: Be careful when enabling HTTP for a production grid since requests will be sent unencrypted.
Note: The CLB service is deprecated.

If the Enable HTTP Connection option is selected, clients must use different ports for HTTP than they use for HTTPS. See the instructions for administering StorageGRID.