Error responses to Swift API operations

Understanding the possible error responses can help you troubleshoot operations.

The following HTTP status codes might be returned when errors occur during an operation:

Swift error name HTTP status
AccountNameTooLong, ContainerNameTooLong, HeaderTooBig, InvalidContainerName, InvalidRequest,

InvalidURI, MetadataNameTooLong, MetadataValueTooBig, MissingSecurityHeader, ObjectNameTooLong, TooManyContainers, TooManyMetadataItems, TotalMetadataTooLarge

400 Bad Request
AccessDenied 403 Forbidden
ContainerNotEmpty, ContainerAlreadyExists 409 Conflict
InternalError 500 Internal Server Error
InvalidRange 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable
MethodNotAllowed 405 Method Not Allowed
MissingContentLength 411 Length Required
NotFound 404 Not Found
NotImplemented 501 Not Implemented
PreconditionFailed 412 Precondition Failed
ResourceNotFound 404 Not Found
Unauthorized 401 Unauthorized
UnprocessableEntity 422 Unprocessable Entity