Alarms that generate SNMP notifications (legacy system)

The following table lists the legacy alarms that generate SNMP notifications. Unlike alerts, not all alarms generate SNMP notifications. Only the alarms listed generate SNMP notifications and only at the indicated severity or higher.

Note: While the alarm system continues to be supported in StorageGRID 11.4, the new alert system offers significant benefits and is easier to use.
Code Name Severity
ACMS Available Metadata Services Critical
AITE Retrieve State Minor
AITU Retrieve Status Major
AMQS Audit Messages Queued Notice
AOTE Store State Minor
AOTU Store Status Major
AROQ Objects Queued Minor
ARRF Request Failures Major
ARRV Verification Failures Major
ARVF Store Failures Major
ASXP Audit Shares Minor
AUMA AMS Status Minor
AUXS Audit Export Status Minor
BTOF Offset Notice
CAHP Java Heap Usage Percent Major
CAQH Number Available Destinations Notice
CASA Data Store Status Major
CDLP Metadata Used Space (Percent) Major
CLBE CLB State Critical
DNST DNS Status Critical
ECST Verification Status Major
HSTE HTTP State Major
HTAS Auto-Start HTTP Notice
LOST Lost Objects Major
MINQ E-mail Notifications Queued Notice
MINS E-mail Notifications Status Minor
NANG Network Auto Negotiate Setting Notice
NDUP Network Duplex Setting Minor
NLNK Network Link Detect Minor
NRER Receive Errors Notice
NSPD Speed Notice
NTER Transmit Errors Notice
NTFQ NTP Frequency Offset Minor
NTLK NTP Lock Minor
NTOF NTP Time Offset Minor
NTSJ Chosen Time Source Jitter Minor
NTSO Chosen Time Source Offset Minor
NTSU NTP Status Major
OPST Overall Power Status Major
ORSU Outbound Replication Status Notice
PSAS Power Supply A Status Major
PSBS Power Supply B Status Major
RDTE Tivoli Storage Manager State Notice
RDTU Tivoli Storage Manager Status Major
SAVP Total Usable Space (Percent) Notice
SHLH Health Notice
SLSA CPU Load Average Notice
SMTT Total Events Notice
SNST Status  
SOSS Storage Operating System Status Notice
SSTS Storage Status Notice
SVST Status Notice
TMEM Installed Memory Minor
UMEM Available Memory Minor
VMST Status Minor
VPRI Verification Priority Notice
VSTU Object Verification Status Notice