A notification reports the occurrence of an alarm or the change of state for a service. Alarm notifications can be sent in email or using SNMP.

To avoid multiple alarms and notifications being sent when an alarm threshold value is reached, the alarm severity is checked against the current alarm severity for the attribute. If there is no change, then no further action is taken. This means that as the NMS service continues to monitor the system, it will only raise an alarm and send notifications the first time it notices an alarm condition for an attribute. If a new value threshold for the attribute is reached and detected, the alarm severity changes and a new notification is sent. Alarms are cleared when conditions return to the Normal level.

The trigger value shown in the notification of an alarm state is rounded to three decimal places. Therefore, an attribute value of 1.9999 triggers an alarm whose threshold is less than (<) 2.0, although the alarm notification shows the trigger value as 2.0.