Types of text reports

Text reports display a textual representation of attribute data values that have been processed by the NMS service. There are two types of reports generated depending on the time period you are reporting on: raw text reports for periods less than a week, and aggregate text reports for time periods greater than a week.

Raw text reports

A raw text report displays details about the selected attribute:

screenshot showing raw text report

Aggregate text reports

An aggregate text report displays data over a longer period of time (usually a week) than a raw text report. Each entry is the result of summarizing multiple attribute values (an aggregate of attribute values) by the NMS service over time into a single entry with average, maximum, and minimum values that are derived from the aggregation.

Each entry displays the following information:
  • Aggregate Time: Last local date and time that the NMS service aggregated (collected) a set of changed attribute values.
  • Average Value: The average of the attribute’s value over the aggregated time period.
  • Minimum Value: The minimum value over the aggregated time period.
  • Maximum Value: The maximum value over the aggregated time period.

screenshot showing aggregate text report