Creating a timeline of recent changes

When a problem occurs, you should consider what has changed recently and when those changes occurred.

  • Changes to your StorageGRID system, its configuration, or its environment can cause new behavior.
  • A timeline of changes can help you identify which changes might be responsible for an issue, and how each change might have affected its development.
Create a table of recent changes to your system that includes information about when each change occurred and any relevant details about the change, such information about what else was happening while the change was in progress:
Time of change Type of change Details
For example:
  • When did you start the node recovery?
  • When did the software upgrade complete?
  • Did you interrupt the process?
What happened?

What did you do?

Document any relevant details about the change. For example:
  • Details of the network changes.
  • Which hotfix was installed.
  • How client workloads changed.

Make sure to note if more than one change was happening at the same time. For example, was this change made while an upgrade was in progress?

Examples of significant recent changes

Examples of significant recent changes

Here are some examples of potentially significant changes:
  • Was the StorageGRID system recently installed, expanded, or recovered?
  • Has the system been upgraded recently? Was a hotfix applied?
  • Has any hardware been repaired or changed recently?
  • Has the ILM policy been updated?
  • Has the client workload changed?
  • Has the client application or its behavior changed?
  • Have you changed load balancers, or added or removed a high availability group of Admin Nodes or Gateway Nodes?
  • Have any tasks been started that might take a long time to complete? Examples include:
    • Recovery of a failed Storage Node
    • Storage Node decommissioning
  • Have any changes been made to user authentication, such as adding a tenant or changing LDAP configuration?
  • Is data migration taking place?
  • Were platform services recently enabled or changed?
  • Was compliance enabled recently?
  • Have Cloud Storage Pools been added or removed?
  • Have any changes been made to storage compression or encryption?
  • Have there been any changes to the network infrastructure? For example, VLANs, routers, or DNS.
  • Have any changes been made to NTP sources?
  • Have any changes been made to the Grid, Admin, or Client Network interfaces?
  • Have any configuration changes been made to the Archive Node?
  • Have any other changes been made to the StorageGRID system or its environment?