Suppressing alarm notifications for a mailing list (legacy system)

You can suppress alarm notifications for a mailing list when you no longer want the mailing list to receive notifications about alarms. For example, you might want to suppress notifications about legacy alarms after you have transitioned to using alert email notifications.

Before you begin

About this task

Use these settings to suppress email notifications for the legacy alarm system. These settings do not apply to alert email notifications.

Note: While the alarm system continues to be supported in StorageGRID 11.4, the new alert system offers significant benefits and is easier to use.


  1. Select Support. Then, in the Alarms (legacy) section of the menu, select Email Setup.
  2. From the Email menu, select Notifications.
  3. Click Edit Edit icon next to the mailing list for which you want to suppress notifications.
  4. Under Suppress, select the check box next to the mailing list you want to suppress, or select Suppress at the top of the column to suppress all mailing lists.
  5. Click Apply Changes.
    Legacy alarm notifications are suppressed for the selected mailing lists.