Monitoring events

You can monitor events that are detected by a grid node, including custom events that you have created to track events that are logged to the syslog server. The Last Event message shown in the Grid Manager provides more information about the most recent event.

Event messages are also listed in the /var/local/log/bycast-err.log log file.

The SMTT (Total events) alarm can be repeatedly triggered by issues such as network problems, power outages or upgrades. This section has information on investigating events so that you can better understand why these alarms have occurred. If an event occurred because of a known issue, it is safe to reset the event counters.

Reviewing events from the Nodes page

The Nodes page lists the system events for each grid node.
  1. Select Nodes.
  2. Select grid node > Events.
  3. At the top of the page, determine if an event is shown for Last Event, which describes the last event detected by the grid node.

    The event is relayed verbatim from the grid node and includes any log messages with a severity level of ERROR or CRITICAL.

  4. Review the table to see if the Count for any event or error is not zero.
  5. After resolving issues, click Reset event counts to return the counts to zero.

Reviewing events from the Grid Topology page

The Grid Topology page also lists the system events for each grid node.

  1. Select Support. Then, in the Tools section of the menu, select Grid Topology.
  2. Select site > grid node > SSM > Events > Overview > Main.