Creating alarm email templates (legacy system)

Email templates let you customize the header, footer, and subject line of a legacy alarm email notification. You can use email templates to send unique notifications that contain the same body text to different mailing lists.

Before you begin

About this task

Use these settings to define the email templates used for legacy alarm notifications. These settings are not used for alert notifications.

Different mailing lists might require different contact information. Templates do not include the body text of the email message.


  1. Select Support. Then, in the Alarms (legacy) section of the menu, select Email Setup.
  2. From the Email menu, select Templates.
  3. Click Edit edit icon (or Insert insert icon if this is not the first template).

    Email Template page
  4. In the new row add the following:
    Item Description
    Template Name Unique name used to identify the template. Template names cannot be duplicated.
    Subject Prefix Optional. Prefix that will appear at the beginning of an email’s subject line. Prefixes can be used to easily configure email filters and organize notifications.
    Header Optional. Header text that appears at the beginning of the email message body. Header text can be used to preface the content of the email message with information such as company name and address.
    Footer Optional. Footer text that appears at the end of the email message body. Footer text can be used to close the email message with reminder information such as a contact phone number or a link to a web site.
  5. Click Apply Changes.
    A new template for notifications is added.