Escalation information checklist

If you cannot resolve the problem on your own, contact technical support. Before contacting technical support, gather the information listed in the following table to facilitate problem resolution.

Item Notes
  Problem statement What are the problem symptoms? When did the problem start? Does it happen consistently or intermittently? If intermittently, what times has it occurred?

Defining the problem

  Impact assessment What is the severity of the problem?
What is the impact to the client application?
  • Has the client connected successfully before?
  • Can the client ingest, retrieve, and delete data?
  StorageGRID System ID Select Maintenance. Then, in the System section of the menu, select License. The StorageGRID System ID is shown as part of the current license.
  Software version Click Help > About to see the StorageGRID version.
  Customization Summarize how your StorageGRID system is configured. For example, list the following:
  • Does the grid use storage compression, storage encryption, or compliance?
  • Does ILM make replicated or erasure coded objects? Does ILM ensure site redundancy? Do ILM rules use the Strict, Balanced, or Dual Commit ingest behaviors?
  Log files and system data Collect log files and system data for your system. Select Support. Then, in the Tools section of the menu, select Logs.

You can collect logs for the entire grid, or for selected nodes.

If you are collecting logs only for selected nodes, be sure to include at least one Storage Node that has the ADC service. (The first three Storage Nodes at a site include the ADC service.)

Collecting log files and system data

  Baseline information Collect baseline information regarding ingest operations, retrieval operations, and storage consumption.

Establishing baselines

  Timeline of recent changes Create a timeline that summarizes any recent changes to the system or its environment.

Creating a timeline of recent changes

  History of efforts to diagnose the issue If you have taken steps to diagnose or troubleshoot the issue yourself, make sure to record the steps you took and the outcome.