Removed or deprecated features

Some features have been removed or deprecated in StorageGRID 11.4. You must review these items to understand whether you need to update client applications or modify your configuration before you upgrade.

Connection Load Balancer (CLB) service deprecated

The Connection Load Balancer (CLB) service is deprecated in StorageGRID 11.4. To distribute incoming network connections from client applications to Storage Nodes, you can configure load balancer endpoints for the Load Balancer service, which is included on all Admin Nodes and Gateway Nodes, or you can integrate a third-party load balancer.

Administering StorageGRID

Custom alarms for services or components

Previously, you could create Custom alarms for individual services or components. This functionality has been removed in StorageGRID 11.4. You can still create Global Custom alarms, or you can create custom alert rules.

Monitoring and troubleshooting StorageGRID

Removed and deprecated TLS cipher suites

The following ciphers have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release:
The following deprecated CBC and SHA1 ciphers have now been removed from the remaining services:

Metadata repair system replaced

To provide better metadata repair monitoring at scale, the metadata repair system for Cassandra was replaced. As part of this change, the NTLR (Repair Completion Status) alarm was removed, and three new alerts were added:
  • Cassandra repair metrics out of date
  • Cassandra repair progress slow
  • Cassandra repair service not available

Object_Lost command

The Object_Lost command is no longer supported for use on Storage Nodes. It can now be used only for lost object locations on Archive Nodes.

Recovery and maintenance

Alarms removed

The following legacy alarms have been removed:
  • Repository Status (ARRS)
  • Average Query Latency (CQST). Replaced by the High latency for metadata queries alert.
  • Corrupt Objects (OCOR). Replaced by the Unidentified corrupt object detected alert.
  • Chosen Time Source Delay (NTSD). Replaced by the Node not in sync with NTP server and Node not locked with NTP server alerts.