SG6060: Cabling the optional expansion shelves

If you are using expansion shelves, you must connect them to the E2860 controller shelf. You can have a maximum of two expansion shelves for each SG6060 appliance.

Before you begin


Connect each expansion shelf to the E2860 controller shelf as shown in the diagram.
This drawing shows two expansion shelves. If you have only one, connect IOM A to controller A and connect IOM B to controller B.

SG6060 Expansion Shelf Connections
1 SG6000-CN
2 E2860 controller shelf
3 Controller A
4 Controller B
5 Expansion shelf 1
6 IOM A for expansion shelf 1
7 IOM B for expansion shelf 1
8 Expansion shelf 2
9 IOM A for expansion shelf 2
10 IOM B for expansion shelf 2