Reviewing the hardware status in SANtricity System Manager

You can use SANtricity System Manager to monitor and manage the individual hardware components in the storage controller shelf and to review hardware diagnostic and environmental information, such as component temperatures, as well as issues related to the drives.


  1. Open a web browser on a management client, and enter the URL for SANtricity System Manager:https://Storage_Controller_IP
    The log in page for SANtricity System Manager appears.
  2. Enter the administrator password.
  3. Click Cancel to close the Set Up wizard and to display the SANtricity System Manager home page.
    The SANtricity System Manager home page appears. In SANtricity System Manager, the controller shelf is referred to as a storage array.
    Screen shot of SANtricity System Manager home page
  4. Review the information displayed for appliance hardware and confirm that all hardware components have a status of Optimal.
    1. Click the Hardware tab.
    2. Click Show back of shelf.

      Hardware status tab in SANtricity System Manager
      From the back of the shelf, you can view both storage controllers, the battery in each storage controller, the two power canisters, the two fan canisters, and expansion shelves (if any). You can also view component temperatures.
    3. To see the settings for each storage controller, select the controller, and select View settings from the context menu.
    4. To see the settings for other components in the back of the shelf, select the component you want to view.
    5. Click Show front of shelf, and select the component you want to view.
      From the front of the shelf, you can view the drives and the drive drawers for the storage controller shelf or the expansion shelves (if any).
    If the status of any component is Needs Attention, follow the steps in the Recovery Guru to resolve the issue or contact technical support.