Specifying the protocol for AutoSupport messages

You can use one of three protocols for sending AutoSupport messages.

Before you begin

About this task

AutoSupport messages can be sent using any of the following protocols:

The protocol you set is used for sending all types of AutoSupport messages.


  1. Select Support > Tools > AutoSupport.
    The AutoSupport page appears, and the Settings tab is selected.
  2. Select the protocol you want to use to send AutoSupport messages.

    AutoSupport Protocol
  3. Select your choice for Netapp Support Certificate Validation.
    • Use NetApp support certificate (default): Certificate validation ensures that the transmission of AutoSupport messages is secure. The NetApp support certificate is already installed with the StorageGRID software.
    • Do not verify certificate: Select this choice only when you have a good reason not to use certificate validation, such as when there is a temporary problem with a certificate.
  4. Select Save.
    All weekly, user-triggered, and event-triggered messages are sent using the selected protocol.