Bucket and objects for S3 Object Lock example

In this example, an S3 tenant account named Bank of ABC has used the Tenant Manager to create a bucket with S3 Object Lock enabled to store critical bank records.

Bucket definition Example value
Tenant Account Name Bank of ABC
Bucket Name bank-records
Bucket Region us-east-1 (default)

screen shot of an example compliant bucket

Each object and object version that is added to the bank-records bucket will use the following values for retain-until-date and legal hold settings.

Setting for each object Example value
retain-until-date "2030-12-30T23:59:59Z"

(December 30, 2030)

Each object version has its own retain-until-date setting. This setting can be increased, but not decreased.

legal hold "OFF"

(Not in effect)

A legal hold can be placed or lifted on any object version at any time during the retention period. If an object is under a legal hold, the object cannot be deleted even if the retain-until-date has been reached.