Editing user details

When you edit the details for a user, you can change the user's full name and password, add the user to different groups, and prevent the user from accessing the tenant.

Before you begin


  1. Select ACCESS MANAGEMENT > Users.
    The Users page appears and lists the root user and any other users that have been created.
    Tenant users list
  2. Select the name of the user whose details you want to view or edit.
    Alternatively, you can select the check box for the user, and then select Actions > View user details.
    The user details page appears.
    Tenant user details page
  3. Make changes to the user settings as needed.
    1. Change the user's full name as needed by selecting the full name or the edit icon Edit icon in the Overview section.

      You cannot change the username.

    2. On the Password tab, change the user's password as needed.
    3. On the Access tab, allow the user to sign in (select No), or prevent the user from signing in (select Yes) as needed.
    4. On the Groups tab, add the user to groups or remove the user from groups as needed.
    5. As necessary for each section, select Save changes.
      A confirmation message appears in the upper right corner of the page. Changes might take up to 15 minutes to take effect because of caching.