Linux: Network connectivity issues

You might see issues with network connectivity for StorageGRID grid nodes hosted on Linux hosts.

MAC address cloning

In some cases, network issues can be resolved by using MAC address cloning. If you are using virtual hosts, set the value of the MAC address cloning key for each of your networks to "true" in your node configuration file. This setting causes the MAC address of the StorageGRID container to use the MAC address of the host. To create node configuration files, see the instructions in the installation guide for your platform.
Attention: Create separate virtual network interfaces for use by the Linux host OS. Using the same network interfaces for the Linux host OS and the StorageGRID container might cause the host OS to become unreachable if promiscuous mode has not been enabled on the hypervisor.

For more information on enabling MAC cloning, see the instructions in the installation guide for your platform.

Promiscuous mode

If you do not want to use MAC address cloning and would rather allow all interfaces to receive and transmit data for MAC addresses other than the ones assigned by the hypervisor, ensure that the security properties at the virtual switch and port group levels are set to Accept for Promiscuous Mode, MAC Address Changes, and Forged Transmits. The values set on the virtual switch can be overridden by the values at the port group level, so ensure that settings are the same in both places.