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From the Cluster and node dashboards, and AutoSupport, you will now see a link to view configuration details, called Cluster Viewer. Cluster Viewer enables you to see detailed physical and logical configuration details. The details are presented in several easy-to-view tables across multiple tabs that include a summary of the configuration, stack diagram, the network interfaces, a summary of SVMs & aggregates, volume and LUN information, and a few visualizations. Visualization is the graphical view available of how the system is cabled showing connectivity between controllers and shelves. The details available from Cluster Viewer are downloadable in DOC, XLS, and PDF. Note that the graphical view download is currently separate from the download of all the tables.

Type of visualizations


Sample Cable Visualization

You can view the cable visualization to see details of how the cluster is cabled. You can zoom in or out; there are also options to select parts of the visualization. Additionally, you can export the visualization in SVG, which can then be edited in Visio.