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The Customer Dashboard is the central portal in Active IQ from which you can view and manage a customer’s installed base. The dashboard has consolidated views of:

  • Systems inventory

  • AutoSupport adoption and transmission issues

  • Capacity forecasting

  • ONTAP, shelf, drive, and system firmware upgrade Recommendations

  • Risk Advisory

  • Storage Efficiency Recommendations and Advisory

  • Recent Cases

Capacity Forecasting for ONTAP systems

This widget on the customer dashboard gives you a 1, 3, and 6 months view of systems that may have already breached the preset 90% capacity threshold or are about to breach it within these time-periods.

By clicking the icon, you can download details about all the impacted systems. In the following example, the capacity forecast for a customer is:

  • Three systems are already over 90% capacity

  • There are no systems that will be over 90% capacity in 1 to 6-month timeframe

  • There are 171 systems that will be under 90% capacity in 6 months

    Capacity forecasts are computed based on past usage and growth patterns. If there are materially significant changes in usage or growth, then these predictions may not hold and more systems may be over 90% capacity sooner.

To ensure that the systems do not run out of space, you can request for more storage from the Capacity Widget by selecting the systems and clicking the mail icon. You can select multiple systems at once to request capacity.

Total capacity displayed is the sum of all the aggregate’s total capacity and used capacity is the sum of all the aggregate’s physical used space.

Support Contract Renewals Widget

This widget on customer dashboard gives you the list of support contracts expiring. User can request renewals of support contract by clicking the mail icon.

It displays:

  • Support Contract already expired

  • Support Contract expiring within 6 months

support contract renewal

End of Support (EOS) Hardware (ONTAP) Widget

End of Support Widget shows the list of systems that are reaching the end of support. User can request upgrade of systems by selecting systems and clicking on mail icon. Select the download arrow on the upper right corner to download a detail list of end of support systems including shelves and drives.

It displays:

  • Systems that have reached EOS

  • Systems reaching EOS in 6 months

  • Systems reaching EOS in 6-12 months

  • Systems reaching EOS > 1 year

eos hardware

Performance Widget

Performance Widget in customer dashboard displays:

  • Systems with Incomplete AutoSupport – Displays information about systems which are sending incomplete AutoSupport due to truncation because of budget limits or SMTP transport protocol

  • Systems Over 90% CPU Utilization – Displays information about systems in which CPU utilization is more than 90%. CPU utilization displayed is the hourly averaged maximum utilization in the day based on daily performance AutoSupport data. A performance remediation plan might include setting QoS workload limits, moving volumes or LUNs to another storage controller, or expanding the storage cluster.

  • Systems Over 50% Disk Utilization – Displays information about systems in which disk utilization is more than 50%. Disk utilization shown is the hourly averaged maximum utilization in the day based on daily performance AutoSupport data.

  • Unbalanced Systems (Delta > 40% CPU) – Displays information about systems in an HA pair where one system is 40% more utilized compared to the partner node. NetApp recommends using no more than 50% CPU on system in order to maintain consistent performance in case of a takeover.

performance dashboard

Cases Widget

The new cases widget displays the following:

  • Trend of recent P1 cases

  • Summary of recent cases

  • Download of recent cases using the download icon (image)

Upgrade Recommendations Widget

This widget provides consolidated recommendations for:

  • ONTAP upgrades

  • Disk drive firmware upgrades

  • Shelf firmware upgrades

  • System firmware upgrades

System Dashboard Widget Preferences

Widgets on the customer dashboard can be customized using settings from the right. The following figure shows a sample screenshot of Settings. Users can uncheck widgets, and then click Save to save their preferences.