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Aggregated View of Multiple Customers (Partners Only)

Available from the My Systems link on the top banner of the application, this aggregated view provides partners (only) with a way to see all of their customers’ information from a single screen. The view displays a list of partners’ customers, provides a count of the systems for each customer, and shows which sites these customers have.

In addition to these details, this view also shows the number of risks and end-of-support components for each customer and site, as well as AutoSupport adoption for each customer.

This view also offers a detailed worksheet that you can download for each customer. The downloaded report includes the following fields:

  • Cluster Name

  • Hostname

  • Serial #

  • System ID

  • Customer

  • Site

  • Group

  • Entitled Access Status

  • Last AutoSupport Date

  • # of Risks

  • # of EOS HW

  • Model

  • Data ONTAP Version

  • Ship Date

  • Contract End Date

  • Contact Information

  • Name, E-Mail, Phone