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FabricPool advisor helps customers identify inactive data that can be tiered from flash to cost-effective object storage either on-premises (StorageGRID) or off-premises (hyperscalers).

FabricPool advisor has the following 3 tabs:

  • Inactive Data – This tab displays the top 5 clusters with inactive data. To view all clusters with inactive data, you must download the FabricPool data.

  • Tiered Data Summary – This tab summarizes inactive data that has been tiered to one of the hyperscalers or a private cloud such as StorageGRID Webscale.

  • Inactive Data Reporting (IDR) Not Enabled – This tab summarizes the list of aggregates which do not have IDR enabled. This is critical for users to address, as IDR is the best way to understand the usage and temperature of data, which help in making tiering decisions.

This feature is supported for ONTAP 9.4 and later clusters.