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Upgrade Advisor offers a quick, automated, and accurate way to generate an ONTAP upgrade plan. From the System or Customer Dashboard, click the image icon to open the following screen. By default, if you are clicking this from a system level, all nodes of the cluster or the HA-Pair (for 7-Mode systems) are auto populated.


In the next step, the recommended version of ONTAP is suggested. In some cases, users may prefer to stay at a higher or a lower version of ONTAP based on the needs of their installed base and standards.


Upgrade Advisor now detects SnapMirror relationships between clusters and notifies users of compatibility issues when users are planning to perform ONTAP upgrades.

Upgrade Advisor only supports checks for snap relationships between two clusters. Cascaded relationships and relationships among 3 or more clusters are not supported.

Upgrade Advisor checks for both DP and XDP relationships and warns users when it detects compatibility issues. Generally, source and destination volumes must be running compatible ONTAP versions after the upgrade is completed.

See the Compatible ONTAP Versions for SnapMirror relationships topic in the ONTAP documentation center for more details about the basis of compatibility checks in Upgrade Advisor.