Monitor and tier inactive data with FabricPool Advisor

Contributors netapp-reenu

You can reduce your storage footprint and associated costs by monitoring and tiering your cold or inactive data to low-cost object storage tiers.

The FabricPool Advisor dashboard in Active IQ Digital Advisor displays details of your inactive local tier (aggregate) data, inactive volume data, tiered data, and unmonitored data.

Note You can enable Inactive Data Reporting (IDR) to generate a zip file with an Ansible Playbook file. This information is available at customer, site, group, watchlist, cluster, and node levels.

If there is more than 50% inactive data in a volume, you can tier the data using NetApp® Cloud Manager. For more information on cloud tiering, refer to Learn about Cloud Tiering.

  1. Select FabricPool Advisor from the left navigation pane.

  2. Click Tier Data to tier the data using Cloud Manager.

To learn more about FabricPool, refer to FabricPool Best Practices.