View capacity utilization with NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription

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If you are subscribed to the NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription Service, you can view the Keystone widget on the Active IQ Digital Advisor Dashboard.

The widget provides you a summary of the consumed capacity for your account. You can view the capacity utilization charts with respect to the committed capacity, the snapshot being rounded up to the last five minutes. The utilization over and above the committed capacity (the burst capacity) is marked in red.

You can view the Keystone - Capacity Utilization dashboard, which analyzes the data in the widget and graphically represents the utilization trend of the capacity and usage for all the subscribed storage services tiers, such as premium, extreme, and standard, associated with your NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription account.

You can view the Flex Subscription service capacity and usage of each subscribed service for your block, file services, or object storage on the dashboard. Capacity utilization is represented in a concentric circle having three centric rings: the inner ring displays the committed capacity, the middle ring indicates the burst capacity, and the outer ring the consumed capacity. The consumed capacity for a specific date and time within the selected time range is indicated by a blue line graph.

  1. Click View Details to view the utilization trend in the detailed Keystone - Capacity Utilization dashboard.

  2. Select either 30 days, 7 days, or 1 day to view the recent average usage trend.