Manage private clusters from Astra Control Service

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You can use Astra Control Service to manage private AKS clusters. These instructions assume that you have already created a private AKS cluster and prepared a secure method to remotely access it; for more information about creating and accessing private AKS clusters, see the Azure documentation.

Install the Astra Connector operator

You need to install the Astra Connector operator on private AKS cluster. If you are using a bastion host, issue these commands from the command line of the bastion host.

  1. Clone the Astra Connector operator GitHub repository:

    git clone
  2. Change directories to the top level of the unpacked operator package, so that you can see the astraconnector_operator.yaml file with the ls command.

  3. Create a namespace for the Astra Connector operator.

    kubectl create ns astra-connector-operator
  4. Apply the astraconnector_operator.yaml file to the operator namespace.

    kubectl apply -f astraconnector_operator.yaml -n astra-connector-operator
  5. Create a namespace for the private cluster components.

    kubectl create ns astra-connector
  6. Generate an Astra Control API token using the instructions in the Astra Automation documentation.

  7. Modify the example configuration file in the config/samples directory of the Astra Connector operator repository to fit your needs.

  8. Apply the Astra Connector Custom Resource Definition (CRD).

    kubectl apply -f config/samples/astraconnector_v1.yaml -n astra-connector
  9. Check the status of the Astra Connector.

    kubectl get astraconnector astra-connector -n astra-connector

    You should see output similar to the following:

    astra-connector   true         22b839aa-8b85-445a-85dd-0b1f53b5ea19

Set up persistent storage

Configure persistent storage for the cluster. You can use Azure NetApp Files or Azure managed disks. See the Get Started documentation for more information about configuring Azure with these options:

Add the private cluster to Astra Control Service

You can now add the private AKS cluster to Astra Control Service. Follow the standard workflow to add a cluster to Astra Control Service: Start managing Kubernetes clusters from Astra Control Service.