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Astra Data Store is Kubernetes-native, shared file software-defined storage (SDS) solution for on-premises data centers that helps customers manage their cloud-native applications. Astra Data Store provides a native shared file service for both container and VM workloads along with NetApp enterprise data management.

With Astra Data Store, you can do the following:

  • Support Kubernetes containerized workloads: With enterprise data management services and tools you are used to.

  • Use Kubernetes "application-as-a-service" platform for DevOps: Create elastic, software-defined, self-serve platforms that deliver automated, repeatable services, removing complexity from developers​.

Astra Data Store is part of the Astra product family. Learn about the Astra family.

Astra Data Store features

Astra Data Store provides end-to-end Kubernetes-native storage and data management for your cloud-native applications​ with these features:

  • Kubernetes-native shared file service: Provides a shared file service native to Kubernetes using a standard NFS client as a unified data store for containers and VMs.​

  • Cloud scale: Offers Kubernetes-native multiple parallel file systems on the same resource pool to achieve cloud-like scale and utilization, removing the need to manage storage separately from the cluster.

  • API-first approach: Delivers infrastructure as code for automated cluster and workload management​.

  • Enterprise-grade data management: Delivers automated application-aware data protection and disaster recovery:

    • NetApp technologies: Leverages NetApp data management technology for snapshots, backups, replication, and cloning so users can build and deploy enterprise apps in Kubernetes. ​

    • Resiliency: Uses replication and erasure coding technologies for Kubernetes-native workloads for greater resiliency.

    • Data efficiency: Controls cost as you scale through inline deduplication and compression features.

  • Fits into your existing environment: Supports your microservices-based and traditional workloads, serves major Kubernetes distributions, provides file storage, and runs on your choice of hardware​.

  • Integration with NetApp Cloud Insights: Delivers observability, analytics and monitoring for continuous optimization​.

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