Intro to Astra Data Store preview

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Astra Data Store preview is Kubernetes-native, shared file software-defined storage (SDS) solution for on-premises data centers that helps customers manage their cloud-native applications. Astra Data Store provides a native shared file service for both container and VM workloads along with NetApp enterprise data management.

With Astra Data Store preview, you can do the following:

  • Support Kubernetes containerized workloads: With enterprise data management services and tools you are used to.

  • Use Kubernetes "application-as-a-service" platform for DevOps: Create elastic, software-defined, self-serve platforms that deliver automated, repeatable services, removing complexity from developers​.

Astra product family

The Astra family of products provides Kubernetes application data lifecycle management that simplifies operations for stateful applications. Easily protect, back up, and migrate Kubernetes workloads, and instantly create working application clones.

Astra offerings include:

  • Astra Control: Use application-aware, data management tools that manage, protect, and move Kubernetes workloads in both public clouds and on-premises.​

    • Astra Control Service: Use a service managed by NetApp for data management of Kubernetes workloads in public clouds.

    • Astra Control Center: Use self-managed software for data management of on-premises Kubernetes workloads.

  • Astra Data Store: Use a Kubernetes-native shared file service for container and VM workloads for enterprise data management.

  • Astra Trident: Use Container Storage Interface (CSI) compliant storage provisioning and management for Kubernetes workloads with NetApp storage providers.

Astra product family

Astra Data Store preview features

Astra Data Store provides end-to-end Kubernetes-native storage and data management for your cloud-native applications​ with these features:

  • Kubernetes-native shared file service: Provides a shared file service native to Kubernetes using a standard NFS client as a unified data store for containers and VMs.​

  • Cloud scale: Offers Kubernetes-native multiple parallel file systems on the same resource pool to achieve cloud-like scale and utilization, removing the need to manage storage separately from the cluster.

  • API-first approach: Delivers infrastructure as code for automated cluster and workload management​.

  • Enterprise-grade data management: Delivers automated application-aware data protection and disaster recovery:

    • NetApp technologies: Leverages NetApp data management technology for snapshots, backups, replication, and cloning so users can build and deploy enterprise apps in Kubernetes. ​

    • Resiliency: Uses replication and erasure coding technologies for Kubernetes-native workloads for greater resiliency.

    • Data efficiency: Controls cost as you scale through inline deduplication and compression features.

  • Fits into your existing environment: Supports your microservices-based and traditional workloads, serves major Kubernetes distributions, provides file storage, and runs on your choice of hardware​.

  • Integration with NetApp Cloud Insights: Delivers observability, analytics and monitoring for continuous optimization​.

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