Quick start for Astra Data Store

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This page provides a high-level overview of the steps needed to get started with Astra Data Store. The links within each step take you to a page that provides more details.

Try it out! If you want to try Astra Data Store, you can use a 90-day evaluation license. Sign up here to obtain an Astra Data Store license.

One Review Kubernetes cluster requirements
  • Clusters must be running in a healthy state, with at least four or more worker nodes.

  • Each of the Kubernetes worker nodes that are part of the Astra Data Store deployment should have SSDs of the same interface type (SATA, SAS or NVMe) and the same number of drives that are assigned to the Astra Data Store cluster.

  • Each SSD should have a unique serial number.

Learn more about Astra Data Store requirements.

Two Download and install Astra Data Store
  • Download Astra Data Store from the NetApp Support Site.

  • Install Astra Data Store in your local environment.

  • Apply the Astra Data Store license.

  • Install the Astra Data Store cluster.

Learn more about installing Astra Data Store.

Three Complete some initial setup tasks
  • Install Astra Trident.

  • Install Kubernetes snapshot custom resource definitions (CRDs) and controller.

  • Set up Astra Data Store as a storage backend.

  • Create a default Astra Data Store storage class.

  • Configure Astra Data Store for telemetry services.

Learn more about the initial setup process.

Four Use Astra Data Store

After you finish setting up Astra Data Store, here’s what you might do next:

Five Continue from this Quick Start

Install Astra Data Store.