Known issues

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Known issues identify problems that might prevent you from using this release of the product successfully.

Astra Data Store 2202.05 Early Access Program (EAP) release

This release includes these known issues. Review these known issues carefully.

Storage backend tasks not showing in vSphere

When an action to use an existing storage backend or remove a storage backend is submitted, the task does not appear in the Recent Tasks panel of vSphere client.

Extra folders are created when creating a VM

When you create a VM in vSphere, additional folders are sometimes created instead of a single folder per VM under the datastore.

Filtered views in Astra Plugin for VMware vSphere intermittently do not show data

The table column filters for virtual machines occasionally omit filtered data. The filtered view shows the loading icon instead. To resolve this, you can go to another view and reset filters to show the data again.

IP address restrictions on Kubernetes worker nodes

Astra Data Store cluster creation fails in the following scenario:

  1. Kubernetes worker node has an IP address hosted on an interface not assigned to Astra Data Store.

  2. The IP address is in the same subnet as the cluster/data IP addresses assigned to the Astra Data Store cluster.

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