Known limitations

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Known limitations identify platforms, devices, or functions that are not supported by this Early Access Program (EAP) release of the product or do not interoperate correctly with it.

Astra Data Store 2022.05.01 Early Access Program (EAP) release

This release includes these known limitations. Review these known limitations carefully.

VMware integrations limitations

The following features are not supported:

  • VM workflows:

    • Clone a VM, including clones from a template

    • Attaching a VM disk after previously removing it

  • vVol replication

  • First Class Disks (FCDs)

  • VMware vMotion

  • Linked Mode vCenter servers

  • Compliance alerts and notifications

  • Multi-vCenter and multi-VASA Provider configurations

    • A single VASA Provider per vCenter configuration is supported

  • Storage policy-based management is applicable only at the VM level and cannot be modified after VM creation.

Cannot resize multiple VM disks simultaneously

For this release, you can only resize one disk at a time. If you try to resize multiple disks at once, the resize operation works only for the first disk.

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