What’s new in this release of Astra Data Store

Contributors netapp-dbagwell amgrissino

We’re pleased to announce the 2022.05.01 Early Access Program (EAP) release of Astra Data Store.

28 June 2022 (2022.05.01 EAP Release)

This patch release (2022.05.01) for the Astra Data Store EAP release (22.05) includes the following improvements:

  • Astra Data Store and Astra Control Center can now be run in the same cluster.

  • Delete VVol datastore workflow from vSphere is now available.

Note This release requires an updated version of the Astra Control Center that is packaged with the kubectl-astra plugin.

31 May 2022 (2022.05 EAP Release)

The Astra Data Store 2022.05 release includes these features:

  • VMware environment integrations:

    • NFS vVol datastore workflows and Storage Policy Based Management storage provisioning.

    • Astra Plugin for VMware vSphere for native storage management and monitoring from vCenter.

  • Enhanced cluster management, including GUI-based cluster deployment from Astra Control Center.

  • Support for larger cluster scale (higher number of nodes, increased CPU and capacity).

  • Security enhancements (keys and certificates and support for external key management (KMIP)).

08 February 2022 (2021.12.1)

Patch release (2021.12.1) for the Astra Data Store preview (21.12).

  • With this release, Astra Data Store preview supports VXLAN configurations with Calico CNI.

  • Calico WireGuard enabled network configurations are now supported by Astra Data Store preview.

  • Updated AstraDSCluster.yaml adsNetworkInterfaces section includes improved, descriptive comments.

  • New Astra Data Store uninstall script now provided as an easier alternative to the kubectl command uninstall process.