Update the Astra Data Store license

Contributors netapp-mwallis

You can update the installed evaluation license for Astra Data Store to extend the evaluation period. You can update the license using one of three methods:

Update the Astra Data Store license using the command line

You can use the kubectl utility to update the Astra Data Store license.

  1. Apply the replacement NetApp License File (NLF) that you obtained from NetApp. Before you run the command, enter the name of the cluster (<Astra-Data-Store-cluster-name>) and the path to the license file (<file_path/file.txt>):

    kubectl astrads license add --license-file-path <file_path/file.txt> --ads-cluster-name <Astra-Data-Store-cluster-name> -n astrads-system
  2. Verify that the license has been added:

    kubectl astrads license list

    You should see a response similar to the following:

    NAME        ADSCLUSTER                 VALID   PRODUCT             EVALUATION  ENDDATE     VALIDATED
    p100000006  astrads-example-cluster    true    Astra Data Store    true        2023-01-23  2022-04-04T14:38:54Z