Validated vs standard apps

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There are two types of applications you can bring to Astra Control: Validated and Standard. Learn the difference between these two categories, and the potential impacts on your projects and strategy.

It’s tempting to think of these two categories as "supported" and "unsupported." But as you will see, there is no such thing as an "unsupported" app in Astra Control. You can add any app to Astra Control, although validated apps have more infrastructure built around their Astra Control workflows compared to standard apps.

Validated Apps

Validated apps for Astra Control include the following:

  • MySQL 0.3.22

  • MariaDB 14.14

  • PostgreSQL 11.7

  • Jenkins 2.249.1 LTS

The short list of validated apps represents applications that Astra Control recognizes. The Astra Control QA team has analyzed and confirmed these apps to be fully tested to restore.

Validated apps have also been checked by the Astra Control Development team, which creates custom workflows to help ensure the safety and consistency of your data. For example, when Astra Control takes a backup of a PostgreSQL database, it first quiesces the database. After the backup is complete, Astra Control restores the database to normal operation.

No matter which type of app you use with Astra Control, always test the backup and restore workflow yourself to ensure that you can meet your disaster recovery requirements.

Let us know what apps you would like to see validated in the future. Contact us through the Feedback email address on the Support page.

Standard Apps

Any other app, including custom programs, is considered a standard app. You can add and manage standard apps through Astra Control. You can also create basic crash-consistent Snapshots and Backups of a standard app. However, these have not been QA-tested to restore the app to its original state.