Set up billing

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Astra’s Free Plan enables you to manage up to 10 apps in your account. If you want to manage more than 10 apps, then you’ll need to set up billing by upgrading from the Free Plan to the Premium Plan.

Billing overview

Astra offers two plans:

  • Free Plan: Manage up to 10 apps for free.

  • Premium Plan: Manage an unlimited amount of apps at a rate of $.005 per minute per app.

When you create an Astra account, you’re automatically signed up for the Free Plan. Astra’s Dashboard shows you how many apps you’re currently managing out of the 10 free apps that you’re allowed:

screenshot dashboard

When you try to manage an 11th app, Astra notifies you that you’ve reached the limit of the Free Plan. It then prompts you to upgrade from the Free Plan to the Premium Plan.

Important notes

  • Your billing plan is per Astra account.

    If you have multiple accounts, then each has its own billing plan.

  • Your Astra bill includes charges for managing your Kubernetes apps. You’re charged separately by your cloud provider for the backend storage for persistent volumes.

  • Each billing period ends on the last day of the month.

  • You can’t downgrade from the Premium Plan to the Free Plan.

Upgrade from the Free Plan to the Premium Plan

Upgrade your billing plan at any time to start managing more than 10 apps from Astra. All you need is a valid credit card.

  1. Click Account and then click Billing.

  2. Under Plans, go to Premium and click Upgrade Now.

  3. Provide payment details for a valid credit card and click Upgrade to Premium Plan.

    Astra will email you if the credit card is nearing expiration.

You can now manage more than 10 apps. Astra starts charging you for all apps that you’re currently managing.

View your current costs and billing history

Astra shows you your current monthly costs, as well as a detailed billing history by app.

  1. Click Account and then click Billing.

    Your current costs appear under the billing overview.

  2. To view the billing history by app, click Billing history.

    Astra shows you the usage minutes and cost for each app. A usage minute is how many minutes Astra managed your app during a billing period.

  3. Click the drop-down list to select a previous month.

Change your payment method

If needed, you can change the credit card that Astra has on file for billing.

  1. Click Account > Billing > Payment method.

  2. Click the configure icon.

  3. Modify the credit card.