Fixed issues in BlueXP edge caching

See what issues have been fixed in BlueXP edge caching.

27 March 2023 (version 2.2)

  • Fixed an issue of converting the time format of running a pre-population job for 'last modification time' option.

  • Fixed an issue related to parsing of file transfer and passing it on to Cloud Insights service.

  • Edge Sync of files across all subscribers is reconnected automatically when there is a disconnect with the publisher.

  • Fixed pre-population job execution on an Edge if its connected to multiple Cores.

  • Optimus UI now shows the connected Edge list on a publisher that participates in Edge Sync functionality.

24 October 2022 (version 2.1)

  • An additional validation of the GFC subscription number is performed during licensing configuration.

  • GFC added support to extend the license for a specific duration for Zuora-based licenses. Contact GFC support.

  • Added a 15 sec delay before writing a minidump after a crash. Also added a timer to monitor the minidump and forcibly exit the process if the dump does not complete in 60 secs. These minor enhancements will help for better analysis.

  • Removed individual file transfer information propagation to Cloud Insights, but added File transfer summary information propagation to Cloud Insights. This reduces enormous load on CI.

  • Fixed data and metadata ingestion into Cloud Insights. This enables for data visualization CI.

  • Fixed the Optimus Configuration UI to not hang while clicking the "Registering instance to CI" button.

  • Fixed an issue where the Tservice monitor is left manual during initial configuration.

  • Fixed minor bugs in the GFC CI Agent CLient service.

25 July 2022 (version 2.0)

  • Optimus is enhanced by adding boundary limits to date/time parameters for pre-population job addition configuration.

  • Optimus PSM now shows the correct CPU details in system pre-requisition details.

  • Fixed an exception in the UI during Edge Sync configuration between entering coordinator details and clicking the Refresh button.

  • Enhanced the Optimus UI to enable/disable the Edge Sync feature on the edge.

  • Fixed the date range issue in License Server Manager for Zuora License Aggregator.

  • Fixed the Optimus PSM to show Lease Count information.

  • Fixed License Management Server’s logic on configuration updater during an upgrade.

23 June 2022 (version 1.3.1)

  • Upon upgrade, the correct version of Microsoft re-distributable is not installed correctly and as a result Tum does not start. The GFC installer has been fixed to install the correct version re-distributable.

  • The GFC License Manager Service (LMS) now updates the configuration information, instead of overwriting it.

  • The Configuration UI now binds to the correct dll during the upgrade process.

19 May 2022 (version 1.3.0)

  • The Configuration UI page for Edge Sync functionality is updated.

  • Fixed an issue when adding pre-population jobs for multiple Edges at the same time via PowerShell cmdlets.

  • Fixed a display issue in LMS Web UI that displays the NetApp subscription.

  • The LMS configuration PowerShell script now uses TLS 1.2.

  • Fixed an issue in TappN (pre-population service) and enabled it to continue executing the job, despite transient disconnections or Tum restarts.

  • The TappN pre-population service is updated to skip fetching files if free cache space falls below the lower threshold value.

  • Fixed an issue in the License Manager Server Service (LMS) while writing a trace log.

  • The Logging infrastructure for Tum is updated to be more scalable with high performance.

17 December 2021 (version 1.2.0)

  • The Configuration UI (Optimus) is enhanced to validate the date field entries while adding pre-population jobs.

  • Pre-population is enhanced to monitor cache utilization and will skip populating if cache usage reaches close to cache cleaner parameters.

  • Removed the hard dependency of the License Management Server (LMS) Service running locally with Policy configuration.

  • The GFC Kernel driver is enhanced to avoid a crash in the SMB Server service in Windows Server 2016/2019.

  • Fixed an exception in the LMS Service.

  • Service Start types for the License Manager Server Service (LMS), License Manager Client Service (LMC), and Pre-population Service (TappN) are changed from 'Automatic Delayed' to 'Automatic'.