Introduction to the Cloud Manager REST API

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The NetApp Cloud Manager service includes a REST API you can use programmatically to administer your cloud-based resources. The REST API provides access to a subset of the functionality available in the Cloud Manager platform with a focus on Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployments.

There are several benefits to using the Cloud Manager REST API.

Built on REST technology and design principles

The Cloud Manager API has been designed based on REST technology and current best practices. The core technologies include Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Anchors the Cloud Manager development platform

The Cloud Manager REST API provides the primary external interface to the Cloud Manager platform. There are additional REST APIs which support the various platform services.

Access to NetApp cloud token-based security

Cloud Manager authentication and authorization is based on the OAuth2 standard. NetApp relies on the Auth0 service implementation.

Alignment with the Cloud Manager web UI

The Cloud Manager web user interface uses the same core REST API and therefore there is consistency between the two access paths.