Create a working environment with BYOL licensing

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You can use this workflow to create a new Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment using bring your own license (BYOL) licensing.

Before you begin

You must have a Connector for the cloud environment before beginning the workflow. You can create a Connector using the Cloud Manager web user interface. When you create a Connector, Cloud Manager adds the cloud provider account that you deployed the Connector in to your list of available accounts. See the Cloud Manager documentation for more information.

Also note the following when using BYOL licensing:

  • A marketplace subscription is not required.

  • A NetApp Support Site (NSS) key is required to register the system for support.

  • You can add a volume after creating the working environment.

To optionally create a new volume with the working environment, you must modify the JSON input provided on the REST API call. See Create a working environment with PAYGO licensing for an example.

1. Select the region

Perform the workflow Get regions and choose the code value for the region parameter in step 7.

2. Select the workspace

Perform the workflow Get tenants and choose the workspacePublicId value for the tenantId parameter in step 7.

3. Select the permutations configuration

Perform the workflow Get permutations and choose the ontapVersion and license: type and instanceType values for the vsaMetadata parameter in step 7.

You will also need to include the platformSerialNumber value in vsaMetadata parameter in the REST API call.

4. Select the VPC

Perform the workflow Get VPCs and choose the vpcId value for the vpcId parameter in step 7.

5. Select the EBS volume configuration

Perform the workflow Get EBS volume types and choose the size and supportedVolumeTypes values for the ebsVoumeSize parameter in step 7.

6. Obtain the required NSS key

An NSS key is required when using BYOL licensing. You can create a key or select an existing key, and include the NSS key in the nssAccount parameter in step 7.

  • To create a new NSS key using the Cloud Manager web user interface, perform the task Add NSS credentials key and choose the id.

  • To select an existing NSS key, perform the workflow Get NSS keys and choose the id of the required NSS user.

7. Create the working environment

HTTP method Path



curl example
curl --location --request POST '' --header 'x-agent-id: <AGENT_ID>' --header 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --d @JSONinput

The JSON input example includes the minimum list of parameters. This request uses BYOL licensing as indicated in the licenseType parameter. The platformSerialNumber is required.

JSON input example
    "name": "username",
    "svmPassword": "password",
    "vpcId": "vpc-b16c90d4",
    "region": "us-east-1",
    "tenantId": "tenantIDgoeshere",
    "subnetId": "subnet-f4da95ac",
    "dataEncryptionType": "AWS",
    "nssAccount": "ab332ce3-aa49-4995-8e09-752a0601c682",
    "vsaMetadata": {
        "ontapVersion": "ONTAP-9.9.0.T1",
        "licenseType": "cot-premium-byol",
        "instanceType": "m5.xlarge",
        "platformSerialNumber": "90120130000000000026"
        "ebsVolumeSize": {
            "size": 100,
            "unit": "GB"
            "ebsVolumeType": "gp2"

The JSON output example includes an example of the VsaWorkingEnvironmentRresponse response.

JSON output example

    "publicId": "VsaWorkingEnvironment-wL2MaBJs",
    "name": "username",
    "tenantId": "tenantIDshownhere",
    "svmName": "svm_ziv02we03",
    "creatorUserEmail": "user_email",
    "status": null,
    "awsProperties": null,
    "reservedSize": null,
    "encryptionProperties": null,
    "clusterProperties": null,
    "ontapClusterProperties": null,
    "actionsRequired": null,
    "interClusterLifs": null,
    "cronJobSchedules": null,
    "snapshotPolicies": null,
    "svms": null,
    "activeActions": null,
    "replicationProperties": null,
    "schedules": null,
    "cloudProviderName": "Amazon",
    "isHA": false,
    "workingEnvironmentType": "VSA",
    "supportRegistrationProperties": null,
    "supportRegistrationInformation": null,
    "haProperties": null,
    "capacityFeatures": null,
    "cloudSyncProperties": null,
    "supportedFeatures": null,
    "k8sProperties": null,
    "fpolicyProperties": null,
    "saasProperties": null,
    "cbsProperties": null,
    "complianceProperties": null,
    "monitoringProperties": null