Delete volume

Contributors netapp-ranuk

You can delete an existing volume.

1. Select the working environment

Perform the Create Azure single node working environment workflow and choose the publicId value for the working environment field in the input parameter.

2. Select the volume

Perform the workflow Get volumes and choose the name and the svmName values of the volume to delete and use them for the volumeName and svmName path parameters.

3. Delete the volume

HTTP method Path



curl example
curl --location --request DELETE '<WORKING_ENV_ID>/<SVM_NAME>/<VOLUME_NAME>' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'x-agent-id: <AGENT_ID>' --header 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>'

Path parameters:

  • <WORKING_ENV_ID> (workingEnvironmentId) string

  • <SVM_NAME> (svmName) string

  • <VOLUME_NAME> (volumeName) string