Known limitations

Contributors netapp-bcammett

Known limitations identify platforms, devices, or functions that are not supported by this release of the product, or that do not interoperate correctly with it. Review these limitations carefully.

These limitations are specific to Cloud Volumes ONTAP management in Cloud Manager. To view limitations with the Cloud Volumes ONTAP software itself, go to the Cloud Volumes ONTAP Release Notes

Cloud Manager doesn’t support FlexGroup volumes

While Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports FlexGroup volumes, Cloud Manager does not. If you create a FlexGroup volume from System Manager or from the CLI, then you should set Cloud Manager’s Capacity Management mode to Manual. Automatic mode might not work properly with FlexGroup volumes.

Cloud Manager doesn’t support S3 with Cloud Volumes ONTAP

While Cloud Volumes ONTAP supports S3 as an option for scale-out storage in some cloud providers, Cloud Manager doesn’t provide any management capabilities for this feature. Using the CLI is the best practice to configure S3 client access from Cloud Volumes ONTAP. For details, refer to the S3 Configuration Power Guide.

Cloud Manager doesn’t support disaster recovery for storage VMs

Cloud Manager doesn’t provide any setup or orchestration support for storage VM disaster recovery. You must use System Manager or the CLI.