Monitoring AWS resource costs

BlueXP enables you to view the resource costs associated with running Cloud Volumes ONTAP in AWS. You can also see how much money you saved by using NetApp features that can reduce storage costs.

About this task

BlueXP updates the costs when you refresh the page. You should refer to AWS for final cost details.

  1. Verify that BlueXP can obtain cost information from AWS:

    1. Ensure that the IAM policy that provides BlueXP with permissions includes the required permissions.

    2. Activate the WorkingEnvironmentId tag.

      To track your AWS costs, BlueXP assigns a cost allocation tag to Cloud Volumes ONTAP instances. After you create your first working environment, activate the WorkingEnvironmentId tag. User-defined tags don’t appear on AWS billing reports until you activate them in the Billing and Cost Management console.

  2. From the left navigation menu, select Storage > Canvas.

  3. On the Canvas page, select a Cloud Volumes ONTAP working environment,

  4. Click the menu icon, and then click View Cost Report.

    Screenshot: Shows the View Cost Report menu option.

    The Cost page displays costs for the current and previous months and shows your annual NetApp savings, if you enabled NetApp’s cost-saving features on volumes.

    The following image shows a sample Cost page:

    Screen shot: Shows the costs per month for a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance.