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The Forensic view provides access to the User, Entity, Community, and User Activity information.

Examining User Information

Click Forensic > User to access the User view.

This view shows general user information:

  • Name of the user with a link to more detailed information for the user.

  • Alerts that have been raised by the user’s activities

  • Number of communities the user is a member of with a link to the communites page

  • Location of the user

  • Last entity accessed by the user

Click the user name to access more detailed information in the User Overview

Examining Entity Information

Click Forensic > Entity to access the Entity view.

This page shows general information for entities being accessed by users:

Describes details including:

  • Entity name

  • Entity type

  • Community relationship with entity

  • Entity path

  • Last accessed time

  • Entity size

Click the Entity Name to access more detailed information in the Entity Overview

Click the Community count to show which communities contain the entity.

Examining Communities Information

Click Forensic > Communities to access the the Communities page.

This view provides:

  • Community names

  • Alerts related to the community

  • User count for the community

  • Entities count for the community

Click or search a Community name to access the Community details page.

Community Profile

Lists the community users locations and the other closest communities.

Community Behaviour

Shows the number of entities accessed and shows read, write, and metea data access operations.

User and Entities

Identifies total users and total entities in the community.

Community Analysis
  • Community user trend

  • Operations performed on entities

  • Alert trend

Click the community name to access more detailed information in the Community Details

Examining User Activity Information

Click Forensic > User Activity to access the the User Activity view.

For each user being monitored, this view describes:

  • Entity access time

  • User who accessed the entity with a link to the user overview

  • Activity performed:

    • Read

    • Write

    • Create

    • Rename

  • Entity path

  • Entity type

  • Access location
    Click the user name to access more detailed information in the Entity Details