Forensic User Detail

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Information for each user is provided in the User Detail. Use these views to understand user characteristics, communities and entities the user is associated with, and the user’s recent activities.

A user profile provides user contact information and a summary of:

  • User name

  • A link to the user’s Email address

  • User’s phone number

  • Department the user works in

  • Manager’s name with an Email link and a phone number.

  • Location of the user

Communities and Entities

The user’s associated communities describes:

  • The number of entities accessed

  • Community Information:

    • How many communities the user is a member of in

  • The total users in the communities.

  • Total number of entities shared in the communities.

User Activity

Use this section to understand:

  • The number of alerts that were raised over the last 7 days.

  • The number of activities that were performed over the last 7 days.

  • The number of each type of activity performed:

    • Number of reads

    • Number of writes

    • Number of other activities

Alert Detail

The alert detail describes the following about an alert:

  • A description of the alert.

  • When the alert was detected

  • Status of the alert. An Administrator can change the status of the alert

  • A description of the behaviour that resulted in the alert:

    • Change in activity rate

    • Other…​..

  • A chart comparing Historical activity to the activity that raised the alert.