Cloud Secure uses agents to collect file and user access data from devices in the data center.

This topic describes how to add Cloud Secure agents and describes steps required when your environment uses a proxy.

Adding a Cloud Secure Agent

Before you begin
  • You must have an unzip program to unzip the downloaded files.

  • Any other pre-requisites?

Steps for Installation
  1. Log in as Administrator or Account Owner to your Cloud Secure environment.

  2. Click Admin > Agents >

    The system displays the Add Agent dialog.

add agent csecure
  1. Select the operating system you are installing the agent on.

  2. Verify that the Agent server meets the minimum system requirements.

  3. Verify that the Agent server is running a supported version of Linux, click Versions Supported (i).

add agent
  1. Click Install to start the installation.

(I recall a button being mentioned here)

After you finish
  • Click Admin > Data Collectors to check the status of the Agent.

  • Installation directory: /opt/netapp/cloud-secure

  • You can access the logs at /opt/netapp/cloud-secure/logs

  • Use the following script to control the Cloud Secure service:

    • --help

  • Use the following script to uninstall the Agent: