Dell EMC CLARiiON (NaviCLI) data collector Edit on GitHub Request doc changes

Cloud Insights uses the Dell EMC CLARiiON (NaviCLI) data collector to acquire inventory and performance data.


Cloud Insights acquires the following inventory information from the EMC CLARiiON data collector. For each asset type acquired by Cloud Insights, the most common terminology used for this asset is shown. When viewing or troubleshooting this data collector, keep the following terminology in mind:

Vendor/Model Term Cloud Insights Term





Storage Processor

Storage Node

This Pool, RAID Group

Storage Pool



Note: These are common terminology mappings only and might not represent every case for this data source.


The following requirements must be met in order to collect data:

  • An IP address of each CLARiiON storage processor

  • Read-only Navisphere username and password to the CLARiiON arrays

  • NaviCLI must be installed on the Cloud Insights AU

  • Access validation: Run NaviCLI from the Cloud Insights AU to each array using the username and password.

  • Port requirements: 80, 443

  • NaviCLI version should correspond with the newest FLARE code on your array

  • For performance, statistics logging must be enabled.

naviseccli.exe -h <IP address> -user <user> -password <password> -scope
<scope,use 0 for global scope> -port <use 443 by default> command


Field Description

CLARiiON storage

IP address or fully-qualified domain name of the CLARiiON Storage

User Name

Name used to log into the CLARiiON storage device.


Password used to log into the CLARiiON storage device.

CLI Path

Full path to the navicli.exe OR naviseccli.exe executable

Advanced Configuration

Field Description

Inventory Poll Interval (min)

Interval between inventory polls. Default is 40 minutes.

Use Secure Client

Select to use the navseccl secure client (i)


The secure client scope. The default is Global.


Port used for CLARiiON CLI. The default is 443.

Inventory External Process Timeout (sec)

External process timeout. The default is 1800 seconds.

Performance Poll Interval (sec)

Interval between performance polls. The default is 300 seconds.

Performance External process timeout (sec)

External process timeout. The default is 1800 seconds.