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Cloud Insights uses the Huawei OceanStor (REST/HTTPS) data collector to discover inventory and performance for Huawei OceanStor and OceanStor Dorado storage.


Cloud Insights acquires the following inventory and performance information from the Huawei OceanStor. For each asset type acquired by Cloud Insights, the most common terminology used for this asset is shown. When viewing or troubleshooting this data collector, keep the following terminology in mind:

Vendor/Model Term Cloud Insights Term

Storage Pool

Storage Pool

File System

Internal Volume






Field Description

OceanStor Host IP Address

IP address or fully-qualified domain name of the OceanStor Device Manager

User Name

Name used to log into the OceanStor Device Manager


Password used to log into the OceanStor Device Manager

Advanced configuration

Field Description

TCP Port

TCP Port used to connect to OceanStor Device Manager. The default is 8088.

Inventory Poll Interval (min)

Interval between inventory polls. The default is 60 minutes.

Connection Timeout (sec)

Connection timeout. The default is 60 seconds.

Performance poll interval (sec).

The default is 300 seconds.