NetApp Astra Data Store data collector

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This data collector acquires inventory and performance data for a single Astra Data Store cluster. In addition to the data collector, the Monitoring Operator will collect advanced metrics as well as configure Fluent Bit to collect logs.

Tip These installation instructions and additional information can also be found in the Astra Data Store documentation:
Monitor metrics with Cloud Insights
Quick start for Astra Data Store


Cloud Insights acquires inventory and performance data from this data collector. For each asset type acquired, the most common terminology used for the asset is shown. When viewing or troubleshooting this data collector, keep the following terminology in mind:

Vendor/Model Term Cloud Insights Term


Internal Volume




Storage Node


Share / Share Initiator




  • The NetApp Monitoring Operator must be installed in the Kubernetes cluster with Astra Data Store. If this was not installed during the Astra Data Store installation, please install the monitoring operator following the Astra Data Store installation instructions.

  • The kubectl-astrads kubectl plugin must be installed. If it is not installed, please install the kubectl-astrads binary following the Astra Data Store installation instructions.

  • The following commands must be available: awk, curl, grep and jq.


The installation script will walk you through installation of the Astra Data Store data collector. Follow the instructions on-screen. Installation will take several minutes to complete. Once complete, it may take a few more minutes before data is shown in Cloud Insights.

The script will walk you through the following steps:

  1. Choose an API Access Token.

  2. Copy the installer script from the installation dialog and save it as as a file named You can click the clipboard icon to quickly copy the script to the clipboard.

  3. Open a Bash window, change directory to the location of the script.

  4. Copy the permissions command block from the installation dialog. You can click the clipboard icon to quickly copy the command to the clipboard.

  5. Paste the permissions command into the Bash window and press Enter.

  6. Copy the install command from the installation dialog. You can click the clipboard icon to quickly copy the command to the clipboard.

  7. Paste the install command into the Bash window.

  8. Replace <KUBERNETES_IP> with the IP address of the Kubernetes API server.

  9. Replace <KUBERNETES_TOKEN> with your Kubernetes API token.

  10. Press Enter.

    The installer script will:
    * Verify the Monitoring Operator is installed and configured.
    * Configure Fluent Bit.
    * Install the Acquisition Unit.
    * Install the Astra Data Store collector once the Acquisition Unit is running.

  11. Click Complete Setup.

If the installer script exits due to an error, you can rerun it again once the error is resolved. The installer script supports additional parameters such as the Monitoring Operator namespace and Kubernetes API server port if your environment does not use the default settings. A full list of available options is listed below.

Installer script options:

Note that the Cloud Insights domain name and selected API Access Key will be embedded in the installer script when it is downloaded.

$ ./ -h
Configure monitoring of Astra Data Store by Cloud Insights.
 -h                      Display this help message.
 -d ci_domain_name       Cloud Insights tenant domain name.
 -i kubernetes_ip        Kubernetes API server IP address.
 -k ci_api_key           Cloud Insights API Access Key.
 -n namespace            Namespace for monitoring components. (default: netapp-monitoring)
 -p kubernetes_port      Kubernetes API server port. (default: 6443)
 -r root_pv_dir          Create 3 Persistent Volumes in this directory for the Acquisition Unit.
                         Only specify this option if there is no Storage Provisioner installed and the PVs do not already exist.
 -s storage_class        Storage Class name for provisioning Acquisition Unit PVs. If not specified, the default storage class will be used.
 -t kubernetes_token     Kubernetes API server token.


Some things to try if you encounter problems with this data collector:

Astra Data Store data collector

Problem: Try this:

You see an "Unauthorized" message

Check that the Kubernetes API Token has permission to call APIs in the apiGroup

"Unknown host: astrads-metrics-service.astrads-system.svc.cluster.local: Name or service not known"

Verify the collector is installed in an Acquisition Unit pod running inside the ADS Kubernetes cluster.
Verify the astrads-metrics-service is running the astrads-system namespace.

Installation Script

Problem: Try this:

The monitoring operator is not running in <namespace> namespace.

Follow the Astra Data Store installation instructions to install it

Acquisition Unit pod <pod> did not start successfully after 300 seconds.

Get the name of the acquisition unit pod: kubectl get pods --namespace netapp-monitoring | grep "au-pod"
Check the pod events for errors: kubectl describe pod --namespace netapp-monitoring <POD_NAME>

Acquisition Unit installation has not finished after 900 seconds

Get the name of the acquisition unit pod: kubectl get pods --namespace netapp-monitoring | grep "au-pod"
Check the pod logs for errors: kubectl logs --namespace netapp-monitoring <POD_NAME>
If there are no errors and the logs end with the message "Main - Acquisition is up and running!", the install succeeded but too longer than expected. Rerun the installation script.

Failed to retrieve Acquisition Unit id from Cloud Insights

Verify the Acquisition Unit appears in Cloud Insights. Go to Admin > Data Collectors and click on the Acquisition Units tab.
Verify the Cloud Insights API key has permission for Acquisition Unit.

Additional information on this Data Collector may be found from the Support page or in the Data Collector Support Matrix.