NetApp Cloud Connection for ONTAP 9.9+ data collector

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This data collector creates a cloud connection to support data collection from ONTAP 9.9+ CVO, AFF, and FAS systems.


Cloud Insights collects data from ONTAP 9.9+ using a cloud connection, eliminating the need to install an external acquisition unit, simplifying troubleshooting, maintenance, and initial deployment. Configuration of the cloud connection for the ONTAP 9.9+ data collector requires you to copy a Pairing Code to the ONTAP System Manager, which will then establish a connection to your Cloud Insights environment. After the connection is established, the data collected is the same as it would be if it was collected through an acquisition unit.

This data collector supports ONTAP 9.9+ CVO, AFF, and FAS systems.

Cloud Agent Data Collector Configuration

Follow these steps to configure the connection:

  • Generate a unique token which will be used to establish the connection to the ONTAP system.

  • Copy the Pairing Code, which includes the token. You can view the pairing code by clicking on [+] Reveal Code Snippet.

    Once you copy the pairing code, the data collector configuration screen will reveal a step 6, prompting you to wait for the connection to be established. Nothing more needs to be done on this screen until the connection is established.

    Waiting for connection

  • In a new browser tab, log into the ONTAP System Manager and navigate to Cluster > Settings > Cloud Connections.

  • Click Add Cloud Connection and paste the pairing code.

  • Return to the Cloud Insights browser tab and wait for the connection to be established. Once it is established, a Complete button is revealed.

  • Click Complete.


Additional information on this Data Collector may be found from the Support page or in the Data Collector Support Matrix.